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Cigar Conexion is the bridge that joins the manufacturers and distributors with the consumers . More than 15 years of experience. Europeans love New world cigars! Asia is growing! And more…

About International New World Cigar Market

Do you want to expand your cigar business World Wide?

The cigar is a complex world of manufacturing, trade and relationships. We try to put together all of this factors. Manufacturers put a lot of passion on their products and the consumers want to smoke them all. This way is not an easy path.

There are a lot of stones in between and promotion and distribution is involved. Importing is controlled by the governments because they all want to get their hight taxes. It is not a free trade as others. All of this brings a lot of frustrations in this business that we try to over pass as much as possible because we understand both parts of the business. We can offer you to do it in a shorter period of time!

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  • More than 100 countries with potential consumers.
  • Regional distribution systems. Europe, Asia and USA.
  • Events.
  • Sales managing and follow up.
  • Advertising coordination.
  • Tours and presentations.
  • Warehousing service in Nicaragua. NEW
  • Follow up sales budget.
  • Private Label and Blends.
  • EU-CEG Registration.

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Cigars are rolled bundles of dried and fermented tobacco leaves made to be smoked. The tobacco comes from processing Nicotiana tabacum, an annually-grown herbaceous plant, found only in cultivation.

Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Panama are the Central American countries where cigars are produced. In The Caribbean countries, cigar industries are located in Cuba, Haiti, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic. It is also produced in Mexico, Ecuador, the eastern Unided States, Ilaty, Spain, Indonesia, and the Philippines of Southeast Asia.

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  • San José, Costa Rica
  • Estelí, Nicaragua
  • Barcelona, Spain

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