Private Label

A complete concept of the New Cigar World Business

Private Label, the space to create your Brand, from the seed to the shop!

We offer the services of a 25 years of experience company that manufactures premium cigars for private individuals who wish to establish their brand.

Manufacture and storage your cigars, and even promote your brand with reliable manufacturers.



The Tobacco magic begins since the seed and transplantation, after several month of careful, these plants are pruned and cured in order to develop their characteristic aroma. The leaves are tied into bundles for fermentation and then are manually sorted by color and size by highly trained workers.


Special blends can be made for your selection by master blenders with many years of experience.


Cigar rolling is an art. We specialize in different vitolas and formats such as Round (Square, Semi-square, Bicolor, Tricolor, and Perilla) and Figures (Torpedo, Salomon, Perfecto, and Culebra). Also a wide variety of constructions and finishes like: entubado, estrujado, semi-box pressed, box pressed, double cap, triple cap.


We guarantee to age the tobacco for you as you need. We can keep you aging stock for you.


All our cigars are supervised during each step to ensure quality. The packing process is no exception; the finished cigars are checked for diameter, measures and draw to be boxed together. We also support box manufacturing, rings, etc.


Production and shipping is a key point; we can keep stocks for you. We don't force you to pay and go!

Stock Keeping

We will inform you about your stocks and manage the sizes of your shipping at your convenience.

International Stocks

We can help you keeping your stock for international sales. No rush to ship only to the USA! Don't lose potential accounts!


We have connections worldwide for international export sales.


We can help with cheaper services from Nicaragua, web design, social media, videos, photos, graphics, and publicity design.

Meeting and Conference Room

At your disposal is our professional meeting room, with video projector, internet, catering, cigar,bar for you and your guests. Feel that you are at home.

Some Produced Brands

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